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The Application and Function of Non-woven Bags


With the awareness of environmental protection, Plastic Bags caused by the "white pollution" caused national attention, China has formulated regulations for the Shopping Bags to restrict or prohibit its use. Related to the mandatory policies, laws and regulations were introduced, starting from June 1, 2008, the major supermarkets to provide free Plastic Shopping Bags have been stopped. How to develop products that contribute to environmental protection, and low-income groups generally acceptable alternative to plastic bags becomes solve the problem of research. In a number of substitutes, a non-woven shopping bags because it has a short process, high yield varieties change quickly, wide source of raw materials, long life, degradation, etc., are considered to be the best alternative to plastic bags . This article focuses on non-woven shopping bags bursting strength and abrasion resistance and other characteristics, in order to advocate the use of environmentally friendly bags, protect the earth and mankind.


1 Introduction nonwoven fabric
1.1 The concept of non-woven fabrics
Nonwoven fabric production exceeded conventional textile processing principle is textile material which does not require the formation of spinning and weaving, as long as the textile staple fibers or filaments directed or random arrangement to form a web structure, and then use mechanical, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement can be molded.
The main properties of the nonwoven fabric 1.2
Nonwoven fabric made of filaments with each other Stacking mesh, has a high porosity and has good transparency, moisture resistance, high permeability, non-toxic and non-irritating characteristics [2]; in addition, can be recycled more th use biodegradable or recyclable and light texture, soft, flexible, corrosion-resistant, washable and so on. Non-woven production speed, short process, low cost, high yield, wide source of raw materials and use rich colors.
1.3 Non-woven production technology
Non-woven fabrics according to different processing techniques can be divided into the production process: acupuncture nonwovens, spunlace, wet non-woven fabrics, non-woven stitching, heat sealing nonwoven fabric, meltblown nonwoven fabric, spunbond nonwovens, pulp airlaid non-woven fabric. Wherein the Non-woven Bags non-woven thermal majority.
Characteristics of non-woven Shopping Bag 2
Plastic bags commonly used in everyday life are non-degradable, or degradable years to decades, even centuries. Due to the non-degradation characteristics of ordinary plastic bags, contaminating the soil and groundwater. In addition, a complete plastic bag, after the items from the supermarket Lindao residence only for containing garbage or simply throw it away, there are still very serious waste problem.
The shopping bag in the course of health and safety, and can be reused many times; shopping bags after use can degrade, can be recycled or reproduction use.
3 prospects
With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people's environmental awareness is growing. By using natural biodegradable fibers or fiber production of non-woven bags can achieve environmental protection, conservation requirements. If you add polyamide fiber nonwoven fabric production, it can make it better carrying capacity and durability [4]. In addition, after water and oil repellent, antibacterial and easy decontamination processing and finishing non-woven bags are not likely to be oil and water contamination, and also has anti-bacterial properties, but also more convenient for cleaning if necessary. Shopping bag folded Shoulong small, easy to carry and keep in line with the requirements of a multi-use cycle. With the non-woven processing technology mature and processing costs decreased, non-woven bags will have a good prospect.